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Saving the planet one ugly mug at a time!

As you may not know, it is almost impossible to source a truly 100% biodegradable coffee cup. Coffee cups go to landfill and it can take up to 30 years for parts of the cup to degrade. The plastic lid is hazardous! At Two Donkeys we are passionate about finding new ways to reduce coffee cup waste...then the "ugly mug" concept was born.

We encourage customers to bring their own coffee mugs from their desks, a keep cup or choose one of our mugs from the "ugly mug" wall. Avid coffee drinks can have a different coffee mug every day! Bring it back, swap it out - we'll even clean it for you. To our sustainable coffee drinkers we offer a 50 cent discount to thank you for helping save the planet!

Don't forget to photograph your "ugly mug" and #twodonkeysbrisbane and #waronwaste

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